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The Association of Filipino-American Accountants (AFAA) was incorporated on November 10, 1987 in the State of New York, United States.

Membership is open to: (a) any Filipino-American Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who hold a valid certificate granted by the Board of Accountancy of the Republic of the Philippines and/or the United States; and (b) any Filipino-American accountant in good standing who agrees to bind him/herself under the organization's by-laws may, upon application approved by the board of directors, payment of the required fees, and taking the membership pledge, be admitted as a member.

Since its organization, active members are mostly Filipino-American accountants who are either working or living in the states of New York and New Jersey.

In 2006, the AFAA - New Jersey was created.

Objective and purposes

  • To develop a strong and united group of Filipino-American accountants

  • To provide technical assistance to practicing Filipino-American accountants in the areas of business development and marketing

  • To establish a forum where the Filipino-American accountants as a group can discuss and issue position papers on professional and economic issues of interest to the Filipino-American accountants

  • To give recognition to individual members who have excelled in the profession in the areas of education, public accounting, private accounting, government accounting, and in community services.

  • To establish scholarship funds to be awarded annually to deserving students of Filipino-American parentage who are graduating from high school and pusuing a career in accounting.

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